May 30, 2007

2 Salem reactors offline - Press of Atlantic City- About: DrainageNews

A steam leak at one of the reactors released corrosive, radioactive water, but it was contained by the plant's drainage system. A month after receiving a clean bill of health from the Nuclear Regulatory Comm-ission, two of three reactors in the Salem nuclear power plant complex were offline Tuesday, a PSEG spokesman said. Neil Sheehan, a spokesman for the NRC, said the Salem unit automatically shut down last Thursday when a porthole-style window in a steam condenser broke, and water contaminated with both hydrazine and tritium was leaked into the storm-drainage system. Skip Sindoni, a spokesman for PSEG, which owns the plants, said some of the contaminated water leaked onto the soil where the water enters the drainage system. Early Tuesday, the Hope Creek unit was manually shut down after an electrical problem â" called a transient â" tripped two of the three water pumps that feed the reactor. Nuclear plants shut down about every two years for refueling â" a process that leaves the plant offline for about a month. read me

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