March 31, 2009

8th MSMA Workshop

I am pleased to announce the 8th Workshop will be held in June, 2009 in KL. Details as follows:

Workshop No. 1- Introductory Concepts, Design Criteria and Procedures in MSMAM
Workshop No. 3- How to Design Detention/Sediment Basins and Culverts
Workshop No. 2- How To Design Drainage System Using Free Software
Workshop No. 4- On-Site Detention (OSD) and Erosion & Sediment Control Plan (ESCP).

8th Workshop:
Workshop No. 1 - 23-24 Jun, 2009 (Tue & Wed)
Workshop No. 3 - 25-26 Jun, 2009 (Thu & Fri)
Workshop No. 2 - 29-30 Jun, 2009 (Mon & Tue)
Workshop No. 4- 1- 2 Jul, 2009 (Wed & Thu)

Venue: Technology Park Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

Download the brochure and registration form by choosing one of the following formats and clicking the link:

pdf file

Download in MS Word or Winzip format:
Doc file
zip file

For pdf file, it must be opened using the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
If you don't have a copy, download it for free here.

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