December 22, 2016

An Introduction to MSMA2 for Local Authorities in Sarawak

Free 1 day seminar entitled: "An Introduction to MSMA2 for Local Authorities in Sarawak."


In early 2016, the State Government of Sarawak has approved the adoption of Sarawak Urban Storm Water Management Manual (SUStoM) for Sarawak.

Under SUStoM, developers are required to make provision for water storage such as the creation of ponds or tanks to manage stormwater when opening up new areas for both residential and commercial purposes.


The content of SUStoM follows closely to that of MSMA (Manual Saliran Mesra Alam Malaysia or Urban Stormwater Management Manual)- the second edition (MSMA2) of which has been enforced in West Malaysia since July 2012, although SUStoM do include special provisions to meet the distinct requirements of Sarawak.

Lately, JPS Sarawak has started making it a requirement to comply with MSMA for new development projects around the state.

Since Sarawak is still in the early stages of applying the guideline, valuable lessons can be learned from their counterparts in West Malaysia who are faced with a number of issues in complying with the requirements of MSMA2.

These include changes in design parameters like storm, temporal patterns, peak discharge, hydrograph and changes in the storage volumes of On-Site Detention (OSD), detention basins and sediment basins.

Details of the seminar:

Venue: IEM, Kuching.
Date: 18 January 2017

Time: 8:30 am to 5 pm.

The registration form can also be downloaded from:

Fee: This seminar is free for local authority engineers.

Content of the Workshop:

1. You will find out about the new requirements in MSMA2 that affect drainage design in Sarawak.
2. You will learn about the various limitations in applying MSMA2 to Sarawak and ways to overcome them.
3. You will find out where to get the design IDF storm data since MSMA2 do not provide such data.
4. We will show you a different approach of computing OSD storage using MSMA2 since the Approximate Swinburne’s Method in MSMA2 is not applicable to Sarawak.
5. You will get special tips from the expert and receive powerful tools that will make your design more cost effective.
6. You will get selected MSMA2 spreadsheets for free.
7. You will gain up to 6 CPD hours (pending) by attending the seminar.
8. You will get 2 teas and 1 lunch for free.

Just 3 easy steps to book your place:

Step (1): Download the brochure at

Step (2): Fill up the registration form and scan it into a PDF format file.

Step (3): Email it to us at

If you any queries, please call/SMS/whatsapp me now at 012-2812590!

My Best Regards,

Dr. Quek Keng Hong
Accredited Training Provider for Board of Engineers Malaysia CPD Program
Workshop on the Urban Stormwater Management Manual (MSMA)
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