March 30, 2006

An Open Letter from Dr. Quek

Ir. Dr. Quek Keng Hong
"In this letter, I reveal the secrets of using ready-made spreadsheet templates to 'automate' the solution of complicated drainage design problems in MSMAM…"

Dated: 31th March, 2006
From the keyboard of Ir. Dr. Quek Keng Hong

Dear Fellow Engineers,

Do you have problems in designing a drainage system using MSMAM- the new urban drainage design procedure published by the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (D.I.D.) in 2000 and gazetted by the Federal Government in 2001?

"Urban Stormwater Management Manual for Malaysia”
(“Manual Saliran Mesra Alam Malaysia” or MSMAM- Pronounced "masma")

If the answer is “yes”, then this page contains some important information for you.

Before 2001, engineers in Malaysia applied the “Planning and Design Procedure No. 1 (PDP1)” published by D.I.D. in 1975 for all their drainage design.

This is a relatively simple document to use- with only 242 pages.

But the above has changed with the introduction of MSMAM in 2001.

Changes in the New Drainage Design Procedure

Fact- MSMAM is more thorough in its coverage of subject matters compared to PDP1.

It consists of more than 1,100 pages, or about five (5) times thicker than PDP1.

MSMAM's content reflects the latest advances in the field of stormwater quantity and quality management from around the world, with many major changes in approach and procedures.

The preparation of MSMAM was a task involving a large team of local and foreign experts, costing million and took years to complete.

Not surprisingly, because of above, many engineers are still not familiar with the requirements of MSMAM.

Common Problems in Applying MSMAM

The most common problems faced by engineers in applying MSMAM are as follows: (…based on feedback we received from participants of our Workshop.)

1. Don't understand the new theories and concepts presented in MSMAM.
2. Don't know how to apply these new concepts into practice e.g., in solving practical design problem.
3. Don't know what are the major differences between MSMAM and the old drainage procedure.
4. Don't know what are the authorities' requirements on compliance with MSMAM.
5. Don't know what tools, software and resources needed to apply MSMAM and where to get them?
6. Don't know where to find help in using MSMAM.
7. etc…

Need for Proper Guidance in Using MSMAM

All the above problems can be resolved if you have proper guidance in using MSMAM.

Without proper guidance, it is difficult for most people to digest such a thick document.

Because the information you are looking for may be scattered throughout the entire Manual.

Without proper guidance, you don't know what is important and what is not.

And what is important to you depends on what you're trying to do.

I don't know you…

So I can't possibly know what you're trying to do.

…unless of course if you are a design engineer like me, then I know what you're trying to do! I know you're trying to design a drainage system for compliance with MSMAM…

With proper guidance, you can quickly focus on sections of the manual that are important to you!

And you can learn topics which are important to you in a logical sequence.

No need to switch back and forward searching for the information you need.

With proper guidance, you will cover both the theoretical and practical aspects of using MSMAM in a systematic manner.

The theoretical aspect will give you a broad understanding of the principles behind various design procedures.

While the practical aspect will provide relevant worked examples to ensure that you can put theories into practice.

Benefits of A Good Instructor

Proper guidance from a qualified and experienced instructor has the following benefits:

1. It gives you a broad understanding of the general concept, design criteria and regulatory requirements of MSMAM.
2. It shows you a practical approach to using the Manual.
3. It provides you the right tools and resources you need.
4. It gives you useful insights and practical tips in using the procedure.
5. No need to learn how to put theories into practice yourself!

Learn to solve real life design problems using the spreadsheet examples with all the formulas pre-programmed inside!

You can also go through the step-by-step worked example and see for yourself how these formulas are programmed into the spreadsheets.

The best part is: you can use these spreadsheets to solve your future problem.

No need to reprogram again.

Think about it…

Isn't it great?

Learn MSMAM quickly & easily in just 48 hours

Imagine… in just 48 hours, you can quickly and easily master the new requirements of MSMAM including:

1. How you can design a drainage system to comply fully with the requirements of MSMAM?
2. What are the important changes in MSMAM which you must apply in your drainage design?
3. What are the major differences between PDP1 and MSMAM?
4. How to interpret MSMAM towards meeting the authorities' requirements in your design?

Specifically, you will learn about these new concepts:

1. How to solve drainage problems using the new “control-at-source” approach in MSMAM, instead of the “rapid-disposal” approach in PDP1?
2. What are the water quality issues you must considered in your design- in addition to the drainage issues.
3. etc, etc…

Get FREE Tools You Need to Apply MSMAM

You will also find out about the tools you need as follows:

1. What are the important tools, software and resources you must have to apply MSMAM?
2. What are the new computer modelling techniques recommended in MSMAM?
3. Where you can legally get free software and resources (worth thousands) recommended in MSMAM?
4. How to increase your productivity using the free spreadsheets and software provided in the Workshop?

Get FREE help for life!

In addition, you will get the following extra help:

1. Professional guidance in applying MSMAM conducted in a workshop environment.
2. A set of printed course notes which covers both theories and step-by-step worked examples showing the application of MSMAM.
3. Help to download the free engineering software recommended in MSMAM.
4. Download free spreadsheets for all worked examples. Note these programs are extremely useful and can be used for your work, without having to spend a lot of time rewriting them yourself.
5. You will get free lifetime access through a MEMBERS ONLY site at the course website to download the latest programs/software and course material. All participants will be given their own login password.
6. You will be entitled to free lifetime technical support for material covered in the course by email/phone and through the website.

Free Spreadsheets and Software You Can Download:

Participants of the Workshop are entitled to download a list of free spreadsheets and software which are developed for use with MSMAM.

The list of programs is expanding, and new programs will be added at all times.

So please come back here often to check out the new programs…

Currently, the list includes but is not limited to the following:

1. Spreadsheet for computation of Rainfall Intensity-Frequency-Duration for Malaysia Based on MSMAM.
2. Spreadsheet for peak discharge computation using HP4, HP5, HP11 and the Rational Method in MSMAM.
3. Spreadsheet to perform flood frequency analysis using Weibull Method.
4. Spreadsheet for Time-Area Analysis.
5. Rainfall-Runoff Routing Programs (URBS/RORB).
6. Level-Pool Routing spreadsheet.
7. Spreadsheet for culvert design.

Some data files used in the Workshop:

1. HEC-HMS input data file for the Worked Example in the Workshop.
2. HEC2 & HEC-RAS input data file for Worked Example in the Workshop.
3. RORB input data file for the Worked Example in the Workshop.

You Can Get All of the Above…

If and Only If You Signup For the New Intensive Workshop now!

It is recommended that you attend all the three workshops as they are all inter-related.

Are you going to conduct the workshop elsewhere in Malaysia?

We have been asked many time whether we will be conducting the Workshop elsewhere in Malaysia?

Answer: No!

It is not possible to conduct the Workshop elsewhere in Malaysia due to the difficulty in finding computing facilities of similar size and standard.

FAQ: What are the benefits of Sending Your Engineers to Attend the workshop on MSMAM?

Answer: Following are some benefits of sending your engineers for training on MSMAM:

1. Impress your clients with your in-depth knowledge of MSMAM.
2. Stay ahead of your competitors by learning the tricks & shortcuts in using MSMAM.
3. Practical hands-on training using state-of-the-art computer laboratory at TPM.
4. All students will have exclusive use of a PC with broadband internet access for downloading the software taught in the Worshop.
5. Produce cost-effective design using MSMAM.
6. Get your design plans approved by authorities quickly and easily!
7. Staff training to upgrade their professional skill.
8. Get the free spreadsheets/software provided in the Workshop.
9. Build up capacity and resources in your company.
10. Increase productivity by saving time and money.
11. Spending the company's tax-deductible training budget.
12. Upgrade your professional skill and stay ahead of your competitors.
13. Gain future jobs.

Benefits to Participants for Attending the Workshop:

The 6-Day Workshop covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of urban drainage design based on MSMAM.

The theoretical aspect will give the students a broad understanding of the principles behind various design procedures, while the practical aspect will include many worked examples to ensure that the students can put theories into practice.

Following are benefits of attending the Workshop:

1. You will be guided by a qualified lecturer with about 20 years of industrial experience in the fields of hydrology, hydraulic and water quality modelling.
2. You will benefit from the lecturer’s past involvement in the review process of MSMAM and his previous experience in conducting the successful “Workshop Series on Compliance With MSMAM.”
3. You will get a set of specially prepared course note which covers both theories and step-by-step worked examples.
4. You will be taught the new requirements of MSMAM and the major changes from the PDP1.
5. You can download and install the free software recommended in MSMAM and use them in your work. You will save thousands compared to using other commercial software.
6. You will receive free spreadsheets for all work examples. Note these programs are extremely useful and can be used for your work, without having to spend a lot of time rewriting them yourself.
7. You will get free lifetime access to the website to download new updated programs/software and course material.
8. You will be entitled to free lifetime technical support for material covered in the course by email/phone and through the website.
9. Training will be conducted at the state-of-the-art computer laboratory of Technology Park Malaysia, Sg Besi, Kuala Lumpur.
10. All participants will be provided with a PC with broadband internet access. Thus you get hands-on training in downloading, installing and using all the software.
11. You gain BEM CPD hours by attending the workshop ie, 1 CPD hour for every hour of attendance.

To Recap- Here's What You Get If You Signup For the Workshop…

In summary, if you sign up for the Workshop, you get the a complete package as follows:

1. Practical hands-on training where each participant has exclusive access to a PC terminal with broadband internet connection.
2. A professionally conducted workshop by a qualified expert in the field.
3. A specially prepared course notes with original worked examples. This is a valuable reference material, and can complement MSMAM.
4. Help to download 2 free engineering software.
5. Free spreadsheets for all worked examples.
6. Free lifetime access to website for updates.
7. Free lifetime technical support.
8. Plus 2 tea breaks+1 lunch each day ;-)
9. CPD hours

Okay, So What's the Cost For This Workshop?

Well, we know the complete package we are offering above is worth thousands of dollars more than what we are charging.

In fact, if you ask a specialist consultant, like myself, to program all the spreadsheets and software just for you and to provide you with free lifetime technical support, plus website access, you will find the cost too prohibitive!

For your information, my official charging rate approved by the Malaysian Treasury is currently RM8,000 X 2.2 = RM17,600 per month.

Assuming the above requires 1 man-month of my input, the total cost is RM17,600!

But this is not how much we are charging you!

We can afford to charge you less because of the economy of scale for conducting such a Workshop.

In other words, all of you are sharing the cost of hiring the instructor.

The amount we are charging you for attending this Workshop starts at only RM980 as shown in the following table:

Workshop No. 1- RM980
Workshop No. 2- RM980
Workshop No. 3- RM980

Any two workshops (same participant)- RM1,862
All three workshops (same participant)- RM2,793

Is It Worthwhile Attending the Workshop?

Let’s do a cost-benefit analysis to determine whether it is worthwhile to send your engineers to attend the workshop.

Assuming that your engineer’s salary is RM2,000 per month, working 20 days a month.

Thus the engineer’s salary per day is RM100.

The following tables compute the time saved without having to rewrite the spreadsheet/program provided free with the Workshop.

As you can see, these are quite conservative estimates, and do not include many other intangible benefits (e.g., staff training and motivation, increase in productivity, etc).

No. 1:





Method spreadsheet


HP11, HP4 spreadsheets


station flood frequency


Method spreadsheet


Routing Spreadsheet


(No. of Days Saved)









No. 2:



input data file


input data file


(No. of Day Saved)














Compared to using other commercial software.

No. 3:
















So What is the Catch?

Why are we practically giving the complete package away?

Well, it is really quite simple.

Here are the seven (7) reasons why we offer you so much for so little:

Reason No. 1: Why we give FREE spreadsheet?

The powerful spreadsheets and software we are giving you were developed while we undertake drainage-related consultancy projects (our real bread and butter!) for our clients over the years.

So the fees we collected from these jobs already paid for the cost of developing the programs, and it costs us NOTHING to give them to you.

But you benefit from these well tested and proven programs.

Reason No. 2:Why we give FULL version of our software?

We allow the participants of our Workshop to download the FULL versions of our spreadsheets and software because we want as many people as possible to use our programs.

(Note: other visitors to this website can only download the EVALUATION versions of the software which are not as powerful as the FULL version.)

Hopefully they will tell their friends and colleagues, who will visit our website and find out about the Workshop and our specialist consultancy services.

(The power of viral marketing!)

Reason No. 3: Why FREE HEC software?

The two engineering software HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS are free public domain software.

We did not develop them.

The US Government did.

So it costs us NOTHING to show you where to download (directly via the internet), and how to install and use the software.

Reason No. 4: Why we give FREE download?

Thanks to the power of internet- we are offering all the above programs free via direct internet download.
So it costs us NOTHING to give them to you (zero delivery cost!).

You can download as often as you like (for new updates of the programs), and as many times as you like (You can download a copy to your office computer, and another copy to your home PC.)

Reason No. 5: Why we give FREE lifetime web access?

We offer you free lifetime access to the course website because we want you to come back to our website as often as you can.

We want to maintain a communication channel where we can keep in touch with you about our future workshops and offerings.

The WWW provides us a perfect medium for doing so.

For this reason we are willing to pay for the cost of allowing your lifetime access to the website.

Reason No. 6: Why we give FREE lifetime technical support?

We give you free lifetime technical support because we want to ensure that you understand what we teach you.

We are aware that you may not apply immediately everything we taught you.

So the only way is to offer you help when you need it.

Hence the lifetime technical support.

Reason No. 7: Why we give you so much?

Actually there is another motive for us to give you so much more…

We want you to be 100% happy with the Workshop, so that you will tell others about our Workshop and our specialist consultancy services.

Again free advertising for us :-)

They say a happy customer is a good customer!

Time-Sensitive Offer- This Section Will Be Removed Once the Seat Quota is Filled:

3 Free Bonuses For Ordering Now-

Subject to Availability of Seats

We are offering three (3) free bonuses for those who order now- subject to availability of seats. This offer will be removed once the quota is filled.

We want to limit the number of participants to the Workshop to maintain a low student/lecturer ratio.

So the following extra bonuses are only given on a first-come first-served basis to those who signup early and got admitted successfully into the Workshop:

Bonus #1:

For those who signup now, you will get a free copy of spreadsheet which automatically computes the Rainfall Intensity-Frequency-Duration Curve for Peninsular Malaysia Based on HP1 (1982).

Why you still need HP1?

MSMAM only covers 35 major urban centres in Malaysia for duration less than 6 hrs.

For areas outside these centres and for durations longer than 6 hrs, you can use HP1 to derive the IFD curve. This is a very handy and powerful program for engineers. You can also use it to compare the results of MSMAM with HP1.


Note: this is not the EVALUATION version ( which is only a demo.

Value: RM388 (This is the normal retail price for the program).

Bonus #2:

In addition, you also get a copy of the program for Level-Pool Routing computation.

Note this is a Fortran-written program which is different from the spreadsheet given to participants of the Workshop (in the MEMBERS ONLY site).

The Fortran Program is more powerful than the spreadsheet program in its input/output capabilities, its rating curve computation and its ease of usage. This program is useful for doing detention basin design.


Note: this is not the EVALUATION version ( which is restricted to only 3 nodes storage curve.

Value: RM488.

Bonus #3:

If you signup now, we will also throw in a digital version of the course note- FREE!

This is an eBook prepared in the PDF format. It is the same as the printed course note. You can download the eBook into your notebook computer for your easy reading.

You can bring it everywhere you go. So even if you lose your printed version, you still have a backup on your computer. You can use your eBook as an online reference tool while you are writing your technical report.

Filename: NewApproachInMSMAM3.pdf (Workshop No. 1)
Filename: HecSoftwareInMSMAM3.pdf (Workshop No. 2)
Filename: Detention1.pdf (Workshop No. 3)

Value: RM88.

Total Value: RM388+RM488+RM88=RM964 (Normal retail price for all three)

This compares to RM980 you pay for the 2-day Workshop.

So the net amount you are paying= RM980-RM964= RM16!

Deadline for Enrolment in the Workshop

As stated above we intend to limit the number of participants to our Workshop so as to ensure a low students/lecturer ratio.

We do not want to take in more students than we can handle.

So the number of places available in our Workshop is limited and is based on a first-come first-served basis.

Our previous Workshop were a HUGE success!

It is easy to signup now. Just follow the steps A, B, C and D in the "Signup" page to sign up for the Workshop.

Gain respect from your clients, upgrade your professional skill, get your plans approved by the authorities quickly and easily.

Become a master in using MSMAM by joining the Workshop NOW!

See you at the top!

Sincerely Yours,

Ir. Dr. Quek Keng Hong

P.S. Stop joining those MSMAM dummies! Become an "expert" in using MSMAM in 48 hours! Learn the practical guide to applying MSMAM.

P.P.S. Do all your design calculations quickly and easily using our custom-made spreadsheets and software. No need to program yourself. Don't waste time and money learning the hard way. Imagine the increase in your productivity! You get the complete package handed to you for no additional cost just by enrolling in the Workshop. Refer our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Signup Now!

P.P.P.S. Questions about the Workshop? Feel free to contact me at phone number (03)58822085 (during office hours) or email address . I will be pleased to answer your queries.

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