June 21, 2007

Bereaved must pay for grave repairs - Herts 24- About: DrainageNews

Derek Ambler at his son's graveside he has been told he will have to pay £100 for repairs RELATIVES of more than 50 people buried in a St Albans cemetery have been told by the district council that they need to pay £100 for the graves to be reset because they are unstable and unsafe. London Road Cemetery has been plagued by drainage problems in the past which some have blamed for the gravestones moving - but the council has denied that is the case. Scores have now been supported with a wooden splint secured with a rope around the stone and letters have been sent to the 52 relatives concerned, with a list of masonry companies that charge around £100 for the repairs. His parents, Derek and Lillian, of Linden Crescent in St Albans, maintain the tilting has been triggered by the settlement of the ground, following work five years ago to rectify the drainage problems which used to turn parts of the cemetery into a mud bath during periods of heavy rain. Derek Ambler says the council claims that the area of the cemetery where Jason's grave is situated was not affected by the flooding, even though he recalls it being completely waterlogged at one point. A council spokesperson said that around 17 per cent of the memorial stones inspected in the current assessment in London Road had been found to be unsafe. read me

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