July 1, 2008

Bye Bye to 7th Workshop Participants

I hope you all had an enjoyable time at our 7th Workshop.

Bye Bye and see you all online on my blog soon!

P.S. Attention Workshop No. 1 Participants:

If you have not received the free flood/storm/traffic warning SMS, please email me your handphone number again.

Please give your name, the workshop attended and handphone no. so I can activate you immediately.

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July 1, 2008

jqalee @ 7:16 am

Group 4

Q = 88 & 160 m3/s

jqalee @ 7:18 am

Group 4

above Q = 66 m3/s, the culvert start flooded

ckng @ 7:21 am



Culverts (JTR and 800 m culvert downstream) will be flooded when Q > 66m3/sec.

saikwong @ 7:36 am

At benchmark Q = 82 m3/s, both culverts started to flood ?

saikwong @ 7:41 am

At benchmark Q = 75 m3/s, the JTR culvert started to flood ?

ckng @ 8:28 am

bye bye
all the best!!

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