July 20, 2007

City officials delve into Austin Avenue drainage issues - Cameron Herald- DrainageNews

John Miller, son of Pete and Mary Miller, whose home was severely flooded, addressed the Cameron City Council Monday night seeking answers as to why the drainage system and pumps were not working to help prevent the flooding of his parents' home of 54 years. Miller noted that prior to development in the area, flooding was not a problem for his parents' property until the nearby Housing Authority apartment complex was constructed some 20 years ago. The 20-foot retention pond was part of a HUD project when the nearby apartments were constructed some 20 years ago, Meacham said he had learned Tuesday in consulting with former city managers and other officials. City Manager Fred Stephens confirmed Wednesday morning that it appears the pumps are still intact and had not been moved as previously reported, although power to the units had been disconnected many years ago “. read me

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