June 9, 2007

Creosote action defended - Hattiesburg American- DrainageNews

Hattiesburg School Board President Sam Buchanan on Friday defended the school district's decision to block a group of residents from entering a federal lawsuit nearly five years ago when he was questioned by Hattiesburg City Council. After being questioned by Ward 3 Councilman Carter Carroll in a special meeting to hear more facts surrounding the controversial creosote cleanup in a southeast Hattiesburg neighborhood, Buchanan said the residents did not ask to enter the lawsuit until late summer 2002 and the 10-year ordeal was settled within six months of that time. He also said although the school district supports full remediation, they would not likely be willing to assist the city in paying for additional testing on the 16th Section property it owns and leases to the residents of the neighborhoods. As part of that settlement, which has only partially been disclosed, MDEQ and Kerr-McGee agreed to a plan that would address cleanup at not only the business properties but a drainage ditch that ran through the predominantly black community on the southeast side of the railroad tracks. This week and next, Tronox and MDEQ are wrapping up the final piece of property in the original work plan - a section of land along the Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks that it took several years for the company to gain access to, Banks said. read me

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