March 23, 2007

Detention Basin Ex 2.3

Minor outlet 0.6×0.6 WL 101.00m Qout< 5 yrs Qpre
Major outlet 0.75×0.5WL 101.25m Qout< 50 yrs Qpre

1)Spillway design limit???
2) Dr. Quek, I would like to know if the minor and secondary outlets could be replaced by a V-Notch Weir Outlet?

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March 23, 2007

Dr. Quek @ 1:23 pm

Hi Rosy,

Here are answers to your questions:

1. The spillway design parameters are as per the Worked Example 2.2.

2. You can consider using V-Notch Weir Outlet. You need to do the calculation as I have not used it.


Dr. Quek Keng Hong

LIEW TIAM MING @ 4:20 pm

Group 3,

Answer for Work Example 4.2:
Culvert Size B=4.0m and D=1.8m.
50 Year ARI as follow:
HWi > HWo
2.43 > 2.34

100 Year ARI as follow:
HWi > HWo
2.93 > 2.66

wingkeng @ 5:22 pm

Work example 3.6 answer
Settling depth (m)= 0.6
Sediment storage depth (m)= 0.33
Spillway head (m)= 0.5
Total basin depth including the spillway is (m)= 1.43
2.3) Overall Basin Dimensions:
At top water level:
Wtwl (m)= 36
Ltwl (m)= 92
Wb (m)= 32
Lb (m)= 88

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