August 23, 2007

DrainageNews - Back to square one for Defence, Clifton - The News - International

Officials of the DHA and CBC say that water-draining operation is in progress as they have deployed machinery and sanitary workers in the affected areas, adding, the situation would improve in the next 24 hours if there is no further rain. Contradicting the claims of the DHA and CBC, the residents of Defence and Clifton complained that despite the week-long water-draining operation and setting up of makeshift drains by the two authorities, the sewerage system in DHA and Clifton Cantonment Board areas has virtually collapsed once again owing to the heavy downpour. He admitted that the areas in Phase 5 and 6 were the most affected as water remained accumulated there for more than a week, adding, these areas were on their priority. CBC spokesman Khadim Hussain said that their workers and machinery were working at Khayaban-e-Shamsheer, Rahat, Khadda Market, 26th Street and other affected areas, adding that last rains were very heavy and few of their motors broke down, which had caused a delay. read me

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