July 11, 2007

(DrainageNews) Council seeks voter approval for $28 million in borrowing - Palm Beach Daily News

The town will ask voters to approve sale of $28 million in general obligation bonds to finance beach restoration in the South End and storm drainage improvements in the North End. Town officials said property tax cuts mandated by the Legislature forced the town to reconsider plans to finance at least some of the work through its $62. The council considered an $18 million bond issue solely for the beach project, but some members appeared concerned that voters who do not live in the South End might not accept additional debt for a project that doesn't directly benefit them. Ron Klein have agreed to try to help the town obtain state and federal environmental approval needed to rebuild the dune system south of Lake Worth Pier. Army Corps of Engineers and Florida Department of Environmental Protection to try to resolve a regulatory "quagmire" that has denied the town permission to relocate sea turtle nests and restore the dunes, washed away by Subtropical Storm Andrea in May. Approved up to $210,000 to buy electronic "chalking" equipment to improve enforcement of parking restrictions in non-metered areas, and $500,000 to buy 40 kiosks to replace all parking meters in town. read me

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