September 2, 2007

DrainageNews - Court appoints expert to inspect Balluta drainage system - Times of Malta

Magistrate Jacqueline Padovani, accompanied by court officials, and representatives of the WSC and the Health Department, inspects a manhole in Balluta yesterday. A magistrate yesterday appointed an expert to investigate the drainage situation in the Balluta area, St Julians, after officials from the Water Services Corporation and the Health Department could not agree whether or not there was a blockage in manholes leading to the sewage system. Magistrate Jacqueline Padovani made the decision during an onsite inquiry at Balluta Bay where she inspected manholes as part of a court case initiated by the Health Department against WSC chairman Michael Falzon. People could be seen swimming in the bay yesterday morning during the inquiry when Magistrate Padovani, accompanied by court staff, was joined by WSC and Health officials as manholes were opened one at a time for her to inspect. On hearing the two parties argue, the magistrate pointed out both the corporation and the Health Department were government entities and ought to cooperate with one another in the interest of public health. As the WSC and Health were disagreeing as to whether or not there was a blockage in the system, the court decided to appoint Valerio Schembri to carry out an inspection of the situation - using a closed- circuit television system - and report with urgency especially as this was the peak bathing season. read me

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