October 21, 2007

(DrainageNews) Imbert: Upgrade on Beetham drainage system to start soon - Trinidad & Tobago Express

Works and Transport Minister Colm Imbert is sticking to his promise to residents of Beetham Gardens in Port of Spain, that repair and upgrade work will begin shortly on drains in the area. Hoping to avoid a repeat of the flooding which occurred after Saturday's heavy rains, Imbert said a team from the Ministry has been given one week in which to ensure the relevant equipment be brought in to begin the upgrade works. In an interview on yesterday, Imbert said Saturday's heavy rains could only be described as an "extreme event where a stationary cloud formation dumped water on Port of Spain and environs for more than two hours". Following a visit to the area on Sunday, Imbert questioned how this could happen, as the river channel was at least 20 feet deep at the point where it runs under the Eastern Main Road, and the river appeared not to be littered with any debris or garbage. read me

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