September 11, 2007

(DrainageNews) Main Street Improvement Plan to Face Public Scrutiny - Telluride Watch

The project will include a number of components, including widening the southern sidewalk of main street, reducing the crown in Colorado Avenue to improve drainage, and installing a heated drain and gutter to reduce the build up of ice in the winter. For the sidewalk extension portion of the plan, the south side of main street will be widened by five feet, thus matching the 11-foot sidewalk on the north side. To solve the perceived ice accumulation issues on the south side of the street, a heated gutter and drainage system will run from Aspen to Willow along Colorado Avenue. According to information provided by Rutledge, public parking will continue in those areas not under construction, and also there is a possibility of providing additional parking in the near future between Oak and Fir streets on the north side of Colorado Avenue. read me

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