June 15, 2007

DrainageNews - Money Allocated To Address Flooding Problem - The Bahama Journal

A significant sum of money has been allocated by the government to help maintain and address drainage issues in New Providence, but is has to be coordinated with contracts and road design, Minister of Works and Transport Dr. He pointed out that in the 2007/2008 budget more than $1 million has been allocated for drains and the maintenance of drains in New Providence. He noted that a swale is a depression created in some road designs, which allow water to run into a depressed area and then flow out to sea or to a retention pond or to some low lying area. Drains are needed at Fort Charlotte and Arawak Cay because the swales there are not big enough to accommodate the volume of water that comes down Fort Charlotte and sometimes flows from the sea particularly at high tide, Dr. He said there are several areas in his Marathon constituency that experienced severe drainage issues and he promised to bring relief to his Marathon constituents. read me

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