August 12, 2007

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Though the storm that hit Karachi on Thursday and Friday was of extraordinary magnitude, it brought with it the usual death and destruction that has now unfortunately become common place every time the city receives the slightest bit of rain. Now, a lot is said every time the country's financial heart is hit by rain — the affected scream about the lack of preparedness and of the seemingly absent planning for such extreme weather events, while the authorities come up with some new and novel plan for next time, or take 'drastic' steps that will 'ensure' that the devastation that the rains bring are averted next time around. There is a lot of complaining by the City District Government Karachi (CDGK) that intricate structures, such as high-rise buildings and residences, have been erected on lands that served as nullahs (drainage systems) for the city. The job of these bodies is also, or should be, to 'manage' disasters, come up with plans to avert death and destruction — not to come in later, blame local authorities and distribute concessionary items among victims who have already lost their all in the rains. read me

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