September 3, 2007

(DrainageNews) Mountains of rubbish taken from city's drains - Independent Online

In spite of an allocation of R76-million this year for the cleaning of the city's stormwater system, blockages caused by rubbish dumped in canals, drains and rivers have put a strain on drains and pipes. Council workers have removed more than 2 400 cubic metres of rubbish and storm debris from the city's network of stormwater pipes, more than 1 000km of rivers, 140km of open channels and canals and 680 detention ponds. The city has also supplied over 1 700 cubic metres of sand and 1 500 cubic metres of rubble to fill in low spots and raise floor levels in 70 of the worst affected informal settlements. Areas most affected by flooding include informal settlements on the Cape Flats, areas near stormwater ponds, rivers, canals and wetlands, and areas near mountain slopes that have been affected by fire. read me

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