June 18, 2007

DrainageNews - Officials look to solve Highway 41 flooding woes - The Reporter

Flooding on the heavily-traveled highway at the railroad bridges north and south of Hickory Street is so common, local officials keep signs warning "high water ahead" on the roadside. During heavy downpours on June 5, four feet of water flooded both the northbound and southbound lanes, causing accidents, the closing of the highway and detours. As traffic migrated into the City of Fond du Lac during the morning commute hours, it caused congestion on the south end of town, particularly Pioneer Road. Law enforcement can do little but put up the signs, close the road and wait for the water to drain, said Fond du Lac County Sheriff's Department Capt. The DOT has discussed creating a detention basin in an area to the southwest of Highway 41 and Hickory Street to retain water flowing from a nearby industrial park, Haefs said. read me

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