May 28, 2007

(DrainageNews) Palma Ceia is spared drainage system upheaval - Tampa Tribune

TAMPA - Palma Ceia residents claimed victory Thursday as the city announced their streets no longer are being considered for the route of a stormwater drainage system. Residents of Granada Street and Sterling Avenue have fought the proposal since January, when they discovered plans for an underground drainage system to ease flooding at Dale Mabry Highway and Henderson Boulevard. The residents began pummeling city hall with angry e-mails and public records requests; they packed a Tampa City Council meeting in March and enlisted their children to protest in the street. Her spokeswoman, Liana Lopez, said representatives of the private Palma Ceia Golf and Country Club told Iorio on Thursday that they won't allow the drainage system to cross their greens and fairways, either. The city now is exploring whether the drainage system can be installed under Dale Mabry, or whether the $24 million project will go forward at all. read me

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