October 15, 2007

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This is a predominantly residential area and quite apart from great inconvenience caused to the road users for about a year, the houses are discoloured by the constant fall of dust during dry weather and mud during the rain. The Mayoress took immense interest in this matter of grave concern to the affected residents and summoned several meetings by inviting all the affected residents, the owners of the donated lands and the Municipal Council officials, the Planning Engineer and the Chief Engineer Drainage with a view to resolve the matter and to bring redress to the worried and affected residents who had enjoyed the privilege for over two decades. At several meetings, alternative suggestions were made and the residents were promised that a solution would be made through an alternative drainage plan, as soon as possible. Now almost one and a half years has passed and several promises were made by he Chief Engineer Drainage of the Municipal Council that the work related to the proposed new drainage system would be done but still he has not lived up to his promise. It is our fervent hope that even at this late stage steps would be taken by the Mayoress to instruct the newly assigned Chief Engineer Drainage to complete the proposed drainage system with a view to prevent the stagnation of rain water in houses. Since the blocking of the rain water outlets, the said houses were since affected badly several times as the rain water had no other place to drain out, but to seep into the houses causing chaos among the respectable residents who hitherto had no problem of rain water getting stagnated in their premises and houses getting flooded. read me

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