September 4, 2007

(DrainageNews) Pine Island drainage issues rise with rainfall - St. Petersburg Times

Residents of Pine Island say they've been battling drainage problems for years. An example, Mondo says, was a pair of downpours in late July that dumped several inches of rain that quickly flooded her yard and much of the section of Pine Island Drive that runs past her house. At a community meeting at the Weeki Wachee Area Club last week, Mondo and other Pine Island residents spelled out their concerns to county officials, in hope that a solution to the flooding can finally be found. Sutton said that although it appears swales may have once existed along the roadways, developers of the island during the 1950s never put much effort into creating a workable drainage system that would keep up with the island's growth. Meanwhile, Sutton said his department is exploring ways of alleviating the water backup areas along Pine Island Drive near the causeway entrance and the entrance to Alfred A. read me

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