May 24, 2007

(DrainageNews) Residents get no relief from drainage woes - Chesterton Tribune

At its last meeting the Chesterton Town Council urged residents of the Westwood Manor and Abercrombie Woods subdivisions, angered by the ponds of standing water in their backyards, to take their complaints to the Stormwater Management Board. At Monday's meeting of the Stormwater Management Board, however, the residents of Westwood Manor, Abercrombie Woods, and Acorn Ridgethe latter in a separate matterheard the same bad news. The Stormwater Management Board has no jurisdiction in the matter of stormwater drainage on private property, Brandt continued. The meeting began inauspiciously, when Sandy Pluta of Acorn Ridge made a well-organized and well-prepared report, including photographs, to the Stormwater Management Board, in which she voiced her suspicions that a newly built gravel road on the property of a neighborwho resides, as it happens, in the Town of Porterwas sluicing runoff onto her property. read me

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