August 3, 2007

(DrainageNews) Rs 3bn earmarked for water supply, drainage system in Sindh - The News - International

Presiding over a meeting at the office of the Hyderabad Nazim, the minister said since his ministry was working hard to resolve water supply and drainage problems on a priority basis, a "Municipal Services Improvement Project" was submitted separately to ensure efficient delivery of municipal services. Meanwhile, Minister for Planning and Development Shoaib Ahmed Bukhari, addressing the same meeting, said the provincial government had pooled enough funds for the development of the local government system. He said that under the HDP, priority was being given to water supply and drainage schemes in the urban areas, while the provision of communication, Sui gas and electricity was a priority for the rural areas. Local Government Minister Muhammad Hussain Khan in a meeting with officials of his ministry said during the last five years Rs 50 billions had been utilised to provide basic amenities to the people of the province without any discrimination. Referring to the activities of investors in small towns and cities in the name of housing schemes, the minister said a cell has been established to curb such activities, adding that the directorate of town planning had also been empowered to take action against illegal housing schemes. read me

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