June 13, 2007

DrainageNews - The spectre of a city floating on water - Financial Express.bd

EVERY year, during the rainy season, the waterlogging and flood-like conditions in the capital city — and now also in the port city of Chittagong — are turning worse. With the early arrival of the monsoon, plus the heavier than normal raining and the whole course of the rainy period to come, all of these factors are likely to put greater than normal stresses on the drainage systems of the major cities of the country, particularly its capital. Only a steady torrent for over an hour last week that created flood like conditions at night in many parts of the capital city that immobilized vehicular traffic in knee deep or even higher level of waters in some places, served a grim early warning about a city to turn paralytic and take on the appearance of a floating entity during some days of intermittent but heavy rains which happen usually in the monsoon period. There was a time when the capital city had some 256 kilometers of natural canals, plus lakes and water bodies for retention of rain and flood waters and draining them away. This length of time should be sufficient for it to embark on such a programme of full or nearly full recovery of the drainage canals as well as sizeable part of the wetlands near the city that also served so well the purpose of natural draining of rain and flood waters in the past. At the same time, the government should initiate and execute a project on urgent basis to expand the man-made drainage systems throughout the city. read me

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