August 9, 2007

(DrainageNews) UK farmers resume slaughter - TVNZ

Farmers in Britain have resumed sending animals to slaughter after a ban on the movement of livestock to prevent an outbreak of foot and mouth disease from spreading was lifted in most of the country. The government is yet to confirm whether animals culled at a third farm on suspicion of having foot and mouth tested positive for the disease, said a spokeswoman for Britain's farm and environment ministry, Defra. Outside the outbreak area, relieved farmers transported their animals to abattoirs after a movement ban was lifted at midnight, although they were subject to strict biosecurity measures to stop the spread of the disease. A preliminary report earlier this week said there was a possibility "human movement" had caused the release of the virus but investigators are also testing the drainage system at Merial Animal Health laboratory. Merial - owned by US firm Merck and French firm Sanofi-Aventis SA - shares a site in Pirbright, about eight kilometres from the affected farms, with the government-run Institute for Animal Health. read me

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