July 2, 2007

Firm In Line To Get Job To Fix I-84 Flaws - Hartford Courant- About: DrainageNews

Additionally, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is trying to collect millions more through lawsuits against DeFelice and The Maguire Group, a consulting engineer the state hired to inspect work by DeFelice on the highway-widening project in Waterbury and Cheshire. The federal agency withheld the money to force the state Department of Transportation to do an emergency inspection and make sure construction flaws presented no imminent threat to motorist safety. There have been poorly welded light towers that threatened to crash onto motorists, erroneously built bridges, misplaced access ramps, the use of substandard piping and concrete and a drainage system so flawed that the federal highway inspectors became concerned it could create subterranean wash-outs and roadway collapses. On Friday, Blumenthal and state transportation officials acknowledged that they are looking into the new possible flaw, the guardrail system that could fail because vertical supports are not sufficiently anchored in the ground. But the biggest construction lapse - and the one that will involve the most corrective construction - is what a senior state transportation official has called the "stunning failure" of the critical highway drainage system. read me

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