July 26, 2007

Flash flood hits KKIA runway - Daily Express(DrainageNews)

Malaysia Airport Berhad (MAB) KKIA Manager Aznan Othman said, when contacted, that four flights had to be delayed for several hours. It is believed that the flash floods in the low-lying areas around Terminal 2 may be due to lack of a proper drainage system under the current airport expansion programme due to be completed by 2009. Daily Express learnt that minor flash foods often seeped into the administrative areas and hangars at Terminal 2 and most of those affected said Wednesday's incident was the worst as the drainage system has been blocked by the current upgrading works. Most the lower reaches are now surrounded by higher ground, therefore submerging the area whenever there is a heavy downpour and causing inconvenience to staff at offices occupying the lower grounds. Those affected urged MAB to instruct the developer to open a proper drainage system to avert similar problem in the near future or before the next heavy rainfall. read me

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