August 16, 2007

Flooding draws threat of lawsuit - Janesville Gazette- About: DrainageNews

EVANSVILLE-The city's mayor and council members told more than 20 west-side residents Tuesday night they will develop a plan to fix flooding issues after residents threatened a class action lawsuit. Although officials say the drainage system was designed for a 100-year event, the recent rains overflowed it, flooding backyards and basements on at least two occasions in the last four years. Council President Mason Braunschweig assured residents the issue would be placed continuously on meeting agendas for the public works committee, which he chairs. Even though a public hearing was not scheduled for Tuesday night's council meeting, residents were allowed to express concerns. Jones and other residents pushed for higher standards or a recalculation of the 100-year design. Dave Sauer, the city engineer, said the 100-year design is an industry standard but said weather patterns have changed more in the last decade than the prior 20 years. read me

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