March 25, 2006

Free MSMA Software

Download FREE MSMA Software:


We allow anyone (including those who did not sign up for our Workshop) to download the free EVALUATION versions of the spreadsheets and software used in the MSMA Workshop.

Why do we allow you to do that? (Are we out of our mind?)

Because we want you to test out our programs.

Hopefully, if you like it, you will sign up for our Workshop to get the FULL versions which are given free to all participants of the Workshop.

Plus, you will get the complete printed course notes with step-by-step worked examples on the application of these programs to solving real life design problem.

Also, we hope that you are so impressed with our programs that you will tell your friends and colleagues about our Workshop.

They may want to visit our website to find out more.

So Free advertising for us ;-)

Differences Between free EVALUATION and FULL Versions of Programs

The major differences between the free EVALUATION and FULL versions of the spreadsheets and software are as follows:

Anyone can download the free EVALUATION versions of the programs.

Only those who signup and paid for the Workshop can download the FULL versions via a special MEMBERS ONLY site. Each member will be given his/her own login password.

The EVALUATION versions have limited functions and reduced capabilities compared to the FULL versions.

List of Free EVALUATION Versions of Spreadsheets and Software for Download:

1. Spreadsheet for computation of Rainfall Intensity-Frequency-Duration for Malaysia Based on MSMAM.
2. Spreadsheet for peak discharge computation using HP4, HP5, HP11 and the Rational Method in MSMAM.
3. Spreadsheet for perform flood frequency analysis.
4. Spreadsheet for Time-Area Analysis.
5. Rainfall-Runoff Routing Program (URBS/RORB).
6. Level-Pool Routing spreadsheet.
7. Spreadsheet for culvert design.
8. Draft course note for 4-day MSMAM Workshop on 20-23 August, 2002.
9. etc, etc…

Download Free Evaluation Versions Now!

To download the free EVALUATION versions of the spreadsheets and Software, fill in your name and email address, then click the button below.

Within seconds you will received the free download links by email.

Additionally, following are what you get:

1. You will receive announcements on the upcoming workshops on MSMAM.
2. You will get free update on new software, tools and references when they are available (So please come back here often!).
3. You will be subscribed for free to our ezine and receive emails once in a while about issues related to MSMAM.

So tell your friends and colleagues about this site!

Get the complete info-kit by filling in your name and email address in the form below:


Note: If you did not receive the info-kit after a few minutes, you have probably keyed in the wrong email address. Please make sure that you enter the correct email address or else you will NOT receive the info-kit.

Important Notice- A Privacy Statement By the Webmaster of

We will NEVER sell your email address to others or used it for spamming or other unethical purposes! We only use it to send you the information you requested.

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December 20, 2008

iqbal dua @ 11:15 am

Though i have given correct e-mail address but i am not getting evaluation version of software. If possible please send to

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