March 24, 2006

You're Welcome to bLoG here !

Dear Fellow Engineers,

Judging from the feedback, I know a lot of you are waiting for my site to finish :-(

After working non-stop for the last couple of weeks, I manage to complete some sections as follows:

2. Free eCourse subscription
3. Free software download
4. Photographs of workshop
5. Upcoming workshop details

However, this site is still far from complete. So I will be constantly adding new posts to the blog…

If you don't find what you are looking for, you can help by adding your own questions or feedback to this blog via "posts" or "comments".

How to Post Your Question or Add Your Comments?

Please go to the url and click REGISTER on the bottom right of the side bar.

Type in your user name and email to register.

An email will be sent to you with your password.

Login using your user name and the password emailed to you.

After you enter the blog, click WRITE tab then under WRITE POST, type the TITLE and POST. Then click SAVE.

Your post is done and it will be posted after I approved it (usually less than 8 hrs).

In future you can post your questions there at any time, and all of us (visitors to my blog) will try to help you :-)

REMEMBER this is a blog. So we can interact!



Dr. Quek
6 April, 2006

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March 24, 2006

chin YK @ 11:16 pm

Dr. Quek,

I attended your workshop recently conducted at TPM.It helped me a lot in understanding the MSMAM concept.

Can you help to explain the limitation of the "rainfall temporal pattern" as shown in MSMAM.What if the rainfall duration is between the time duration of 15 min and 30 min.Msmam said that we can't interpolate from the chart, so what shall we do to extract the rainfall ratio for "time-area method" computation.

I have done up a spreadsheet of rainfall temporal pattern.How to upload to you for your checking and distribute to all?

Thank you.

Chin YK

March 25, 2006

Dr. Quek @ 6:36 pm

Hi Chin,

I refer to your question above.

Take for example, you want to derive the temporal pattern for a storm duration of 20 min.

But inside MSMAM, it gives the temporaral patterns for 15 and 30 min.

I suggest you do it this way:

You plot out the storm temporal pattern for duration of 15 and 30 min on a graph (y axis= fraction of rainfall, x axis= fractino of time. Both axes maximum=1), then interpolate it graphicallly to get the temporal pattern for a duration of 20 min. (as I suggested during the workshop.)

Hope that helps.

Dr. Quek

April 12, 2006

Dr. Quek @ 10:27 am

Hi Chin,

I received your email yesterday about your new spreadsheet which can automatically interpolate storm temporal pattern.

I was wondering if you can post it here for the benefit of all.

Dr. Quek

May 5, 2006

Rahiman @ 8:45 am

Hi Dr Quek, just want to cinfirm with you about the temporal pattern, as MSMAM said we need to you the nearest temporal pattern, for example if our tc = 25 minutes so we need to use temporal pattern for 30 minutes (MSMAM, 13.3.5)

Dr. Quek @ 11:08 am

Hi Rahiman,

You brought up a good point.

Cl 13.3.5 states that:

For other durations, the temporal pattern for the nearest standard duration should be adopted. It is NOT correct to average the temporal patterns for different durations.

So to answer you question: if tc=25 min, we need to use the temporal pattern for 30 min.

So in hind sight, what I told you all to interpolate in the workshop may not be necessary at all!

My suggestion to interpolate is based on my rational thinking- if you have if the standard durations are 60 and 120 min. And you have a storm of 90 min. The "rational" way would be to interpolate it between 60 and 120 min. But this is not MSMAM wants!

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