July 16, 2007

Golf course threatens Stone Age site - Independent Online- Topic: DrainageNews

Because of this, the Pinnacle Point beach and golf resort, voted one of the Top 10 best new golf courses in the world last year, might have to be partially dug up if sub-standard drainage systems are found to be the cause of the problem. The order comes after a meeting of an environmental liaison committee on July 6, at which an archaeologist and a water expert provided "clear and compelling evidence" that effluent used to irrigate the golf course was infiltrating some of the caves beneath it and causing irreversible damage. While researchers say the seepage is happening because a proper drainage system was not installed on the golf course, Pinnacle Point Holdings (PPH) says the cause has yet to be determined - the seepage could have been caused by anything from a burst pipe to high levels of rainfall. Dr Stephen Townsend, the chief executive officer of Heritage Western Cape, said that, because of the archaeological material in the caves below, water on the greens above the caves had been a source of concern, especially as chemicals in the water used to colour the grass might affect the material and distort the dating. Dr Steve du Toit, the Wessa representative in George, said that, in terms of the agreement between Wessa and Pinnacle Point, a sub-surface drainage system was to have been installed that would see all irrigation water being returned to a water purification plant. read me

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