November 4, 2007

HMC to improve drainage system - The Statesman(DrainageNews)

Under the project, the HMC will be constructing 'storm' drains so as to allow inundated water to recede faster, leaving the district free of water-logged streets from the next monsoon. We will therefore be constructing underground storm drains through which water can pass during heavy showers, leaving the streets free of water-logging," said an HMC official. While the HMC will supervise the entire project, it will be implemented by Kolkata Metropolitan Waste and Sanitation Authority (KMWSA), Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA) and Howrah Improvement Trust (HIT). For the purpose, the civic body has already recruited some 219 workers and more will be recruited as per requirement. This will help drain out water from vast areas in Howrah through the waste treatment plant in Arupara. The total cost of cleaning and de-silting drainage pipes that the civic body had undertaken before monsoon was about Rs 60 to 75 lakh, but the civic authority had managed to clean only a few open drains, leaving the people in Howrah reeling in inundated water. read me

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