August 13, 2014

How to Design OSD using MSMA2 (Sept 26, 2014 @ IEM PJ)

We would like to invite you to attend the seminar on On-Site Detention (OSD) to be held at the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM), Petaling Jaya on 26 September, 2014.

As you are aware, the second edition of MSMA (MSMA2) was enforced on 1 July, 2012.

Based on our case studies for Kuala Lumpur, we found significant changes in major design parameters using MSMA2 as follows:

(1) Design storm increased by up to 126%,
(2) Design discharge using Rational Method increased by 131%,
(3) OSD storage volume increased by up to 235% and
(4) Storage volume for wet sediment basin increased by 165%.

The seminar covers the problems of applying MSMA2 in the design of OSD.

Case studies have shown that the storage (SSR) computed using MSMA2 is about 2.3 times higher than MSMA1 for Kuala Lumpur due to the approximation method used.

In this Seminar, we discuss alternative approach to the design of OSD using the Exact Swinburne’s Method which results in SSR of less than half the MSMA2 estimate.

We will show you how to do this using spreadsheet and software. We invite you to attend the seminar as follows:

Seminar Topic: Problems of Applying MSMA2 in the design of On-Site Detention (OSD)- Issues and Solutions.
Date: 26 September, 2014 (Friday) Time: 9:00 am to 5 pm.
Venue: C&S Lecture Room, Wisma IEM, Petaling Jaya
Fee: Discounted price of RM490 for early birds. Additional discount for company sending in more than 1 participant.

Benefits of our seminars:
1. Find out how you can design OSD more economically and yet complies with the requirements of MSMA2.
2. You will get free OSD design spreadsheets worth RM1,750 and free Lite version of MSMAware worth RM8,000.
3. You will gain invaluable insight on MSMA2 from an expert with nearly 3 decades of industry experience.
4. You will qualify for valuable CPD hours from BEM by attending the seminar.

Signup now for the Seminars by faxing the attached registration form!

The registration form can also be downloaded from

Details at:

SMS Dr. Quek now at 012-710 2620 to book your place!

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