September 5, 2007

Illegal sump pumpers will be fined - Saugus Advertiser(DrainageNews)

Residents who fail to get rid of illegal sump pumps could be hit with a fine of $50 per day, now that Town Meeting members voted 35-2 last week to support Article 2 on the special Town Meeting warrant. This bylaw requires residents to "hard pipe" their sump pumps so excess water ends up outside their homes, not in the sewer system. A big source of the excess water that winds up in the sewer system — and contributes to overflow conditions — is believed to come from private inflow sources such as sump pumps, Rossetti said. Roughly 100 sump pumps with flexible hoses were found in the first subsystem targeted for rehabilitation, as well as another 12 sump pumps connected directly to the sewer system. read me

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