August 11, 2007

Mayor declares local disaster - Cameron Herald- DrainageNews

Another four-inch downpour the last week in July again inundated the city's drainage system, flooding streets and sending water into driveways, yards and in some cases, homes. As residents appealed to the City Council for answers, action and aid Monday night, Mayor Bill Meacham declared a state of local disaster, noting the city had “suffered widespread or severe damage, resulting from excessive rain and flooding. The city's system pumped 30,501,000 gallons of raw water into the plant for treatment and then treated and discharged 45,570,000 gallons of water, an additional 15,000,000 gallons of water. In response to questions from Miller, Mayor Meacham said he and City Manager Fred Stephens had researched the issue of which agency was responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Austin Street retention pond and pump system (see related article) constructed 20 years ago as part Cameron Housing Authority Apartment project in that area. At the suggestion of Council Member at-Large David Barkemeyer, Mayor Meacham appointed a panel to review the city's response to recent flooding emergencies and recommend new strategies in keeping with the city's emergency management plan. read me

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