July 3, 2016

MSMA2 Seminars to be held in Petaling Jaya (26-29 Sep, 2016) and Kuching (10-13 Oct, 2016)

We are pleased to announce the upcoming MSMA2 Seminar for 2016. The detail is as follows:

Title of Seminar: “Changes in MSMA2 that Affect Drainage Design in East and West Malaysia”

Seminar A:
Day 1 covers an introduction to the changes in MSMA2 on design storm, design discharges using Rational Method and Time-Area Method, OSD, detention basin and sediment basin.
Day 2 covers the design of OSD to optimise the SSR requirements using Excel spreadsheet.

Seminar B:
Day 1 covers the basic theories of detention basin design.
Day 2 covers hands-on training on detention basin design based on worked example solved using Excel spreadsheet.

Venue: Wisma IEM, Petaling Jaya.
Seminar A: 26-27 Sep, 2016
Seminar B: 28-29 Sep, 2016

Venue: IEM, Kuching.
Seminar A: 10-11 Oct, 2016
Seminar B: 12-13 Oct, 2016

Time: 8:30 am to 5 pm.

The registration form can also be downloaded from:


Fee: See Flyer. Discount for early birds. Fee is exempted from GST.

Additional discount for company sending in more than 1 participant.

Sign up now to get your special early bird price!

Content of the Workshop:

1. You will find out about important changes and new requirements in MSMA2 that affect drainage design in peninsula and Sarawak.

2. We will show you a different approach of computing OSD using MSMA2 that will reduce the storage significantly compared to the Approximate Swinburne’s Method in MSMA2.

3. You will get special tips from the expert and receive powerful tools that will make your design more cost effective.

4. You will get MSMA2 spreadsheets worth a total of RM2,380 for free.

5. You will gain 24 CPD hours by attending both Seminars A and B while learning about MSMA2.

6. You will get special discount for MSMAware software.

Just 3 easy steps to book your place:

Step (1): Download the brochure at

Step (2): Fill up the registration form.

Step (3): Fax it in.

Sign up now to enjoy the early bird discount.

If you any queries, please call/SMS/whatsapp me now at 012-2812590!

My Best Regards,

Dr. Quek Keng Hong
Accredited Training Provider for Board of Engineers Malaysia CPD Program
Workshop on the Urban Stormwater Management Manual (MSMA)
Blog: http://msmam.com
Software Website: http://msmaware.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drquekkenghong

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