September 20, 2007

MTA Failed During Flood, Report Says - New York Times(DrainageNews)

Transportation officials failed to foresee or prepare for the deluge of rain, which overwhelmed the capacity of the transit system's pumps and drainage network, and the authority did not communicate with legions of stranded passengers or provide alternate means of transportation, the report said. The report — from a panel including authority and city officials, the authority's inspector general and outside experts — was highly critical of the authority's performance. Engineers will target the authority's top 10 "flood-prone locations" six of them overseen by New York City Transit , two by the Metro-North Railroad and two by the Long Island Rail Road to install new valves to prevent back flow, improve sewer connections, increase pumping capacity, and make other improvements to avoid future flooding. The authority also said it plans to coordinate with the city's 311 information system to allow people to receive alerts and information from 311 as well as the authority's system. read me

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