May 22, 2007

Niceville Concession Stand Project Approved - About: DrainageNews

The School Board voted to approve the concession stand and storm water drainage project Monday night. Site work for the concession stand will include a permanent, underground solution for storm water drainage. Outgoing Chief Officer of Educational Support Services Tommy Kranz gave the School Board a full briefing on the Niceville High School concession stand project at the School Board Workshop Thursday, displaying an aerial photo map of the school's premises and outlining the key cost factors involved to give the Board a better understanding before they vote on the project Monday night. By adding restrooms to the concession stand, the school will not only meet the new concession stand requirements, it will also help alleviate the overcrowding of bathrooms during football games. Because there is a storm run-off gulley between the football and the baseball fields, Kranz suggested that additional site work be included to make the concession stand more accessible from the baseball side. The cost of the site work could increase to approximately $400,000, but it would allow the space to be used for future projects without having to tear up the work already done, and it would include a long-term solution to the drainage problems on the Niceville campus, by creating an underground system for the storm water, which currently runs on the surface. read me

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