August 26, 2007

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The admission by a spokesman of Karachi's Defence Housing Authority that many parts of the area under the authority's jurisdiction did not have a proper drainage system is startling. While this August has seen rainfall that is well above the annual average, this does not in any way reduce the blame that must lie on the DHA's shoulders for failing in its responsibility of providing a working drainage system to its residents. To make matters worse, in many homes, the standing rainwater — which has obviously turned dirty — has seeped into the underground drinking water tanks of many homes. The DHA official, however, rightly said that once the monsoon is over and the water all drained out, the authority will have to seriously look into constructing a proper drainage system for parts of the area, especially that which is close to the sea and is believed to be under sea-level. It is a complete travesty of justice as far as the residents of the area are concerned that the DHA is more interested in beachfront development and building luxury restaurants right on the shore and cannot provide something as basic as a drainage system that works. read me

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