October 7, 2007

Plan outlines possible future look for Barron airport - Barron News-Shield- Topic: DrainageNews

The Barron Municipal Airport, situated north of Division Avenue on 18th Street, currently features a turf runway measuring 2,010 feet long by 260 feet wide, 13 private hangers to accommodate the 18 small general aviation aircraft based there and an on-site fueling system. Instead of seeking full funding from the city, however, airport officials asked the city to support organizing an Airport Layout Plan. Part of the plan documented the site's existing facilities, a second part of the plan considered how the airport might appear in 5-10 years and the final part of the plan envisioned the "ultimate" goal for the airport, possibly 20 years down the road. The "existing" plan identifies immediate issues at the airport, such as drainage by the hangars, some trees on the west end of the runway, which pose a safety risk, and insufficient clearance between the east end of the runway and 18th Street. Some of the items on this wish list include a GPS-based instrument approach system for pilots, an elongated/paved runway measuring 3,000 feet long by 75 feet wide (roughly stretching from 18th Street almost to the Barron Electric office on Hwy. read me

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