October 23, 2007

PM unveils plans to overhaul Corporate Area drainage system - radiojamaica.com- Topic: DrainageNews

Prime Minister Bruce Golding Friday unveiled ambitious plans to overhaul the drainage system in the Corporate Area. Speaking with RJR News following a tour of sections of the Sandy Gully, Tinson Pen drain and other flood prone sections of the Corporate Area, Mr. According to the Prime Minister the government will appeal to multi-lateral partners such as the World Bank, the European Commission, the Caribbean Development Bank, and the International Development Bank for funding. Golding also outlined short term plans to alleviate flooding in affected communities. Golding also spoke of plans to assist residents of New Haven who are under constant threat from the overflow of the Sandy Gully. He said the National Works Agency has been instructed to conduct a survey to determine what river training works can be carried out, particularly in the informal settlement at the rear of the scheme. read me

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