October 24, 2007

Port city residents hostage to rain-fed calamities - The Daily Star- About: DrainageNews

The plan divided the study area of 92sq miles into 10 drainage areas on the basis of physical characteristics, topography, catchments and routes of existing drainage channels and proposed for developing the drainage system in five phases during the period of 1995-2015 at an estimated cost of Tk 750 crore, said the sources at CCC and CDA. The master plan suggested construction of three new primary canals and 30 new secondary canals to collect water from tertiary drains, rehabilitation of existing primary canals and five secondary canals, improvement of the existing secondary and tertiary drains and construction of 19 silt traps. The three new primary canals proposed in the master plan are Mirza-Chaktai Connection along CDA Avenue, canal connecting the Karnaphuli river with Chaktai canal at Chawkbazar point parallel to Khaja Road and canal connecting Shital Jharna canal (at Hazipara) with Uttara Khal (canal at Moulabhipara point) parallel to rail track, which also included Sheikh Mujib Road Culvert to be constructed by CCC. Due to delay, the implementation cost will now stand at around Tk 923 crore as against the previously estimated cost of Tk 750 crore while that of the first phase of work will now rise to Tk 300 crore, which was earlier estimated at Tk 88. read me

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