October 27, 2007

Residents blame flooding on city drainage system - Stamford Advocate- DrainageNews

STAMFORD - Peggy White doesn't want to dip into her retirement fund to fix the $40,000 mess a severe rainstorm left at her house on Frisbie Street. The city's storm drainage system is designed to handle a 25-year storm - one of a magnitude expected to occur every 25 years, city Engineer Lou Casolo said. He said the city regularly inspects and maintains the 180 miles of storm drains and 12,000 catch basins but is limited in its ability to help homeowners with property in low-lying areas or near a brook or stream. Bigham, who grew up on Frisbie Street, said the city drain in front of his family's house has clogged for years and that the city could have prevented the 5 feet of water that destroyed his basement apartment. read me

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