May 2, 2006

Small developments

Hi Dr. Quek,

My projects are small like renovations, individual bungalow developments and sometimes factories and sometimes small housing schemes.

Some Qs :

1) who (authority) specifies that we need MSMA compliance?

2) bungalow in Q is located in Dengkil and covers 7800 ft2. The entire development has about 30 lots but I don't see special features like detention ponds etc the project has been approved in 1997. I don't think this comes under me as my appointment is for a specific bungalow lot. There may not be a MSMA requirement for this at all under this situation.

3) what types of systems are available for small areas like bungalow lots and who are the suppliers?


P. Singh


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May 2, 2006

Dr. Quek @ 9:50 pm


1. The authorities who may be involved are JPS and the Local Council (who may referred to JPS).

2. It depends on the agreement between you and your client. You may be required to provide OSD, to provide detention basin, to prepare the drainage layout, or to prepare the ESCP plan, etc, etc.

3. It is difficult to answer this question without having further details about your particular project. But I suggest for a start you may need to look at the provision of OSD for each individual lot and detension basin further downstream.

Hope I answer your questions. Please feel free to post here again if you have more queries.

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