May 26, 2007

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Why can't there be a tiered system for people that just want to play the odd game on the Wide Lane grounds or as part of their society? The outdoor facilities actually cost more to run than the indoor facilities (second only to the swimming pool in a meter by meter comparison, although Wide Lane is obviously much larger), so a tiered system would actually disadvantage those wanting to just use Wide Lane and not the facilities in the Jubilee Sports Hall. As part of a five-year business plan implemented by SportRec, the price of membership is going to slowly increase instead of having had huge leap, in ocntrast to a few years ago. A lot of students are a little upset about the quality of the pitches at Wide Lane due to being constantly waterlogged. In the mean time there are talks of converting unused areas of Wide Lane into more training grids and operating a rotation scheme to try and keep the grounds open longer. read me

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