October 18, 2007

Storm drainage utility poised to become reality - Sweet Home New Era- DrainageNews

The utility would fund two new city employee positions that would be focused on keeping storm drains and ditches cleaned out, which is expected to help avoid drainage problems during storms. City staff will present a draft of the "enabling ordinance" for the utility, City Manager Craig Martin said. The council will hold the first reading of the proposed ordinance during the meeting, and then the councilors may discuss the proposal and possibly receive input from the public. Martin does not expect the council to hold a double reading the first night, and he doesn't believe the ordinance will include an expediency clause, which allows the ordinance to take effect as soon as the mayor signs it. The city could implement the utility at any time after passage of the ordinance and resolution, Martin said, but it will likely pick a "time certain" to begin billing. The new revenue won't give the city enough money to go out and replace ditches with drainage pipes, Martin said, but it will allow the city to proactively keep ditch lines cleaned out rather than reacting to specific blockages during rain storms. read me

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