November 3, 2007

Storm-water fee plan isn't an easy sell - Florida Times-Union(DrainageNews)

Johns County commissioners are trying to figure out how to reduce the amount that low-income residents pay for a new storm-water maintenance fee, some Ponte Vedra Beach residents said they don't want to pay anything. But some Ponte Vedra Beach residents, like those who live in the Sawgrass Players Club, currently pay to have their water treated without taxing the county system, and they don't think it's fair to be charged again by the county, for a service they don't use. About 1,840 residents live in the Sawgrass Players Club and they maintain and operate "a complete and self-contained, privately funded storm-water system" for about $90,000 a year, Morrison said. Commissioner Tom Manuel, who represents Ponte Vedra Beach, said that while he understands that viewpoint, Sawgrass residents do drive on county-maintained roads and those roads need storm-water drainage systems, maintenance and treatments. read me

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