September 13, 2007

Technology Prolongs Life Of Golf Greens - DrainageNews

What you can't see is that the greens have been rebuilt with subsurface aeration technology, which by vacuum force drains water from the soil under the green, allowing play to resume on greens with firm conditions shortly after rain. Subsurface aeration technology was first installed in 1996 at the Augusta National Golf Club which hosts the Masters Golf Tournament in the USA. Bishop added, "The two courses at Sentosa Golf Club are the first full courses in Asia to use subsurface aeration technology. Subsurface aeration technology incorporates a pressure blower to move air through the soil beneath golf greens by either vacuum or pressure. Vacuum aeration is used to remove excess water and simultaneously provide fresh air to the soil, bringing greens back to firm conditions quickly after rain, avoiding delays and damage. Another technology that Vertech is offering the golf industry is a specially designed surface fan that disturbs the layer of hot stagnant air at the grass surface to significantly reduce surface temperature, preventing heat stress damage to the turf. read me

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