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Over the years, we have received hundreds of feedbacks from participants of our Workshops.

Below are just some of the feedbacks we received by emails or via our online feedback form:

Dear Dr. Quek,

Thank you for your reply. I will remember the passwords which beared with "beautiful" hidden message just like the music you played during the training workshop. The music is wonderful.

Please do email me other upcoming workshops that will be conducted by you in the future.

Thank you,


YK Konsult

"I attended your seminar. It's great and I benefited a lot. 

Glad that I downloaded all the free software to my computer… tq!"

Tan Lee Wee

Dear Dr Quek,

Thanks for the login ID and password. Thanks also for a well organised 4-days workshop. 

I have found it very interesting and gained an overview of the methods available at the disposal of the drainage engineer as well as basic hydrological concepts.  

I wish you all the best in your future workshops and undertakings. 

Best Regards,

Paul Chia
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam

Hi Dr. Quek,

I would like to thank you for the MSMAM course which I attended in August. It really help me a lot. 

I have done a layout proposal on OSD based on MSMAM to JPS Batang Padang/Kinta. The proposal is now approved. 

Thanks and best regards.

Ir. Chan Kean Chai

Dear Dr. Quek,

I attended your lecture on 29 March 2003 at the IEM. 

Far from being "dry", I found your presentation very enlightening and lively despite having to stand for well over three hours at the back of the room with so many others. It was worth it! 

On the sideline, your motivational pep talk was inspiring - a "shot in the arm" that each one of us needs every now and then.

Right now I can't wait to try out your free spreadsheet programmes.

Ramlee Hassan

Dr Quek,

I attended your IEM talk on 29th March 2003 and I must say that it was the most benefial IEM talk I have ever attended so far. 

I hope that all the other talks could have been like yours.

Thank you again.

A.Halim Abdullah

Hello Dr. Quek:

Here is my feedback for the 4 days course conducted in August, 2003: 

1) I have learnt that there are software out there that can be downloaded and used for 'parts' of MSMAM's calculations. Great!

2) We have gone through some examples in using HEC-HMS, HEC-RAS, spreadsheets etc. Great!! 

3) We dicussed and reviewed some of the theories involved (which is much needed since most of us gave them back to the lecturers after college. ) ) Great!!!

4) Breakdown of Jaring's computer network on the first day morning due to the viral attack by M-Blaster….well not so great!

5) May I suggest you provide in your future workshop a step-by-step guide for the preparation of a "foolproof" MSMAM report using all your software… I think most of us would like to know this… 

Pang Wei Li  

Dr. Quek's reply: Good suggestion! We will include that in our future workshop i.e., a "template" for a "foolproof" MSMAM report.

Below is a feedback we received via our online feedback form:
Lok Wai Lun ( on Sunday, March 30, 2003 at 05:18:37

I have attended your 3 hours talk on the new JPS guidelines and it has improved on my understanding on the new manual a lot.

As mentioned, I would be glad if you could forward me the software/link to download.

Anyway, please feel free to visit my company website at which also has a lot to offer.

Thank you.

Lok Wai Lun

Below is a feedback we received via our online feedback form:  
Ir Shaari Hashim ( on Saturday, March 29, 2003 at 02:11:12
Dear Dr. Quek,

I ve attanded the IEM 1/2 day Talk on the Application of MSMSM on 29th MArch 2003.

I wish to congratulate you for sharing with us your valuable experience on this subject by presenting the most practical approach to the application of the Manual.

I would be much appreciated if you could extend to me your Spreadsheet Software that you mentioned in the Talk for my in depth study of the Manual and perhaps for future use.

I have a lot of queries on this subject, perhaps I will be contacting you soon once I have explore your software.

Tq and regards,


Below is a request for software we received via our online feedback form from participants of our earlier Workshops:
Voon Seng Loong ( on Wednesday, January 22, 2003 at 09:56:45
I attended your courses on the 21st and 22nd on January 2003 in Kelana Jaya. I would like to have a copy of your HECRAS and HECHMS software. 

Please notify me if there is any new update regarding these softwares. Thank you.  

Voon Seng Loong 

Hello Dr. Quek,

Refer to Table 2.7, page 44 of the notes (course venue; Penang 28-29/11/2002). A few columns were not included ie column 13 onwards.

I would appreciate if you coud send to me the updated/revised spread sheet.

Thank You.


Another request for update we received via our online feedback form:  
Leyu Yoon Jin ( on Friday, February 21, 2003 at 07:05:37
Dr. Quek,

Please email me the following items:

(1) Spreadsheet for computation of Rainfall Intensity-Frequency-Duration for Malaysia Based on MSMAM
(2) Spreadsheet for Rainfall Intensity-Frequency-Duration Curve for Pen. Malaysia Based on HP1
(3) Spreadsheet for peak discharge computation using HP4, HP5, HP11 and the Rational Method in MSMAM.
(4) Spreadsheet for perform flood frequency analysis
(5) Spreadsheet for Time-Area Analysis
(6) Rainfall-Runoff Routing Program (URBS/RORB)
(7) Level-Pool Routing Program
(8) Level-Pool Routing spreadsheet
(9) Spreadsheet for culvert design

Leyu Yoon Jin

Below is a request to signup for the Workshop submitted via our online feedback form from participants of our earlier Workshops:
Tin Maung ( on Monday, January 06, 2003 at 20:57:17
We like to send our drainage engineers to forthcoming courses conducted by you.

Grateful to receive details of coming courses soonest possible. We have seen your announcement for intensive 2-day workshop on 21 & 23 January 2003. We appreciate to get details.

Tin Maung

Below is the feedback we received via our online feedback form from participants of our earlier Workshops:  
Ir Hj Zulemly Shaari ( on Monday, April 07, 2003 at 20:32:14
Dr Quek,

Thank you for the useful tips received vide the seminar conducted at IEM recently.

Ir Hj Zulemly

Another request to signup for the Workshop we received via our online feedback form:  
akmar ( on Monday, January 13, 2003 at 23:04:42

Can I have a brochure and a registration form for "hydrologic & hydraulic modelling using free public domain software by U.S. Hydrologic Enginering Center: HEC-HMS & HEC-RAS"


Below is the feedback we received via our online feedback form from participants of our earlier Workshops:  
LEE YUEN HOAH ( on Monday, January 27, 2003 at 00:52:54


Lee Yuen Hoah

Below is the feedback we received via our online feedback form from participants of our earlier Workshops:  
Linus Tee ( on Monday, March 31, 2003 at 10:27:29
Dear Dr. Quek,

Nice to attend your briefing last Saturday. I found it really useful. I am writing to request for the FREE spreadsheets. Thank you!

Linus Tee

Below is the feedback we received via our online feedback form from participants of our earlier Workshops:  
Tan Lip Jin ( on Tuesday, April 01, 2003 at 01:00:52
Hi Dr Quek,

I attended your talk last Saturday. It was really good. Would like to ask you to send me the FOC copy of the programs HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS.

Thank you.
Tan Lip Jin

Below is the feedback we received via our online feedback form from participants of our earlier Workshops:  
Thum Yeok Seng ( on Wednesday, April 02, 2003 at 04:58:43
Dr Quek,

I attended your talk on MSMAM on 29 March 2003 at IEM. It was a very good talk and I benifited from it. I would like to obtain the link to infokit mentioned earlier.

Thank you.
Thum Yeok Seng

Below is the feedback we received via our online feedback form from participants of our earlier Workshops:  

Hi, Dr. Quek,

I've attended your talk on MSMAM today, 29 March 2003 at IEM Building. It really exposed me to the MSMAM requirements. 

I would like to hear more about MSMAM and are looking forward to attend courses on the subject in the near future. 

I also would like to test out the free software that you showed in the talk as it will surely help me a lot in my design works.

Thank You,

Mohd Effendy Bin Abdul Rahman

Dear Dr. Quek,

Thanks for your 7-day ecourse on the MSMAM. I have learnt and gained a lot from it since then.

Unfortunately, I didn't receive the last ecourse on the topic regarding HEC-RAS and HEC-HMS.

Could you please email the course to me? It would be much appreciated.

Thank you.


Following are comments we received from our online feedback form: 

Dear Dr. Quek,

Thank you very much for the MSMAM workshop. It was very useful for us.

Balamurugan A/L Krishnasamy
Workshop Attendance Date : 19 -20th August, 2003
Company Name : Toyo Engineering & Construction Sdn Bhd


New Say Cheong ( on Sunday, August 24, 2003 at 23:32:29
Hi Dr Quek,

I attended your workshop 1 & 2 on 19th to 22nd August 2003. 

Kindly give me my username and password. Thank You.

New Say Cheong 

Mohd Yahaya Ahmad ( on Wednesday, September 17, 2003 at 21:04:30
Dr. Quek,

 I have attended your useful course on how to design drainage system for compliance with MSMAM. 

TQ for sharing your knowledge and information

Mohd Yahaya Ahmad

Choon ( on Tuesday, September 09, 2003 at 07:24:29
Dear Dr. Quek:

I had attended your half-day introductory seminar on Malacca on 9-9-2003. I am very interested after attending your presentation. 

I would appreciate if you could kindly send me the eCourse for Workshop No. 1 and 2, the basic principles of drainage design adopted in MSMAM and important design procedures. Thank you.


Tan Kian Soon ( on Monday, July 21, 2003 at 03:17:56
Hi Dr. Quek,

I have attend your half-day talk on 12 July 2003.

The workshop is very informative, it will be useful for my future design.
Please e-mail the free e-course and spreadsheet and software to me.

Thank you.
Tan Kian Soon (G 18938)

liongch ( on Tuesday, August 12, 2003 at 10:06:42
Dear Dr Quek,

Please send me the 7 days eCourse offered in your website.

Liong Chee How

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