October 3, 2007

Topic: DrainageNews - Drainage repairs identified in Red Oak Park - Atlanta Journal Constitution

The historic drought has not tested the repairs to the stormwater system under Crockett Drive and Little John Trail in the Red Oak Park subdivision, but Cobb County officials think they have done what they can for the moment. The next step is an engineering study, which could take six months, said Bill Higgins, the stormwater division manager of the Cobb County Water System, which is working with DOT on the project. Three swales that go under Crockett and join to flow under Little John Trail, one street to the south, flooded eight homes in this east Cobb neighborhood during extremely heavy rain in July. So far, the Cobb Department of Transportation has cleared the cross drain on Crockett, rebuilt three catchbasin lids and cleared the street gutters. Steve McCullers , Cobb County Water System director; steve. read me

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